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The TWS course will provide you with knowledge of the role of a Temporary Works Supervisor. You will also gain a good understanding of your duties and the roles of others of risk management on a temporary works site.

The course has the support of a number of organisations: Temporary Works Forum, CECA, UKCG, HSE and FMB. The support of these organisations offers transferability of the course within industry.

The TWS course is suitable for agents, supervisors and managers who are involved with the planning, procurement and management of temporary works.


Accreditation – CITB

Duration – 1 day

Grant – you can claim up to £30 if you provide us with your CITB Levy number.

Validation – TWS certificates are valid for 5 years, no refresher is available for this and you are required resit the course again to renew your certificate.

Entry requirements – You must have experience in being responsible for managing all forms of temporary works and an understanding of the relevant aspects of the BS 5975:2008 + A1:2011 revision material. The delegate is to be proficient in English (written and oral).



Additional information –

Course objectives, by the end of the course the delegate will:

– have a stronger awareness of risk management on site as well as the roles of a supervisor and their fellow employees on site.

– have gained an understanding of the importance of cooperation and teamwork on a temporary works site.

– understand the legal duties of a Temporary Works Supervisor

– leave the course with an understanding of the ‘4Cs’ (communication, cooperation, coordination and competency).


To pass the course successfully you will need to get 72% or above in the final exam.