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Safety, Health & Environment Awareness (Water SHEA)

This course comprises of thirteen modules. The eight core modules are common to all utility industries and form the basis of health, safety and environmental law and practices. There are five modules that are specific to the water industry which cover a range of operations within the clean water network, the sewerage network and process operations. All trainees will complete the core modules, however dependent on job role, they may complete any combination of the Clean Water Network, Sewerage Network and Process modules. It is designed to provide on-site evidence that an individual has demonstrated an appropriate level of knowledge and awareness. It is a passport scheme and does not indicate any level of technical competence or skilled expertise

Who Should Attend?

The course is a Basic Safety Awareness Package for all personnel undertaking work on water network sites within the United Kingdom.

Prerequisites: None

Duration: 1day

Accreditation: Energy & Utilities Skills Register (EUSR)


To provide basic safety awareness for all those who carry out work on the water network. Successful completion of this course entitles the participant to hold a Safety, Health & Environment Awareness (Water), which allows access to Water Network Sites. This also allows candidates to be placed on the Energy & Utility Skills Register (EUSR)


The course is made up of 7 Core modules;

  1. You and the Law
  2. Identification & Control of Hazards
  3. Protecting You
  4. Working Environment
  5. Our Environment
  6. Incident Procedures
  7. Equipment

There are 3 Network Modules

  1. Network Operations Health Issues
  2. Working in the Highway
  3. Excavations

There are 3 Process Modules

  1. Process Operations Health Issues
  2. The Working Environment
  3. Machinery & Equipment

Certification of the Water SHEA is dependent on successful completion of multi choice assessment of the student. Whilst the written elements are straightforward, candidates require a basic understanding of English language.