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First Aid at Work Refresher Course (FAWR)

The First Aid at Work Refresher Course is designed to update the skills of delegates wishing to renew their FAW certificate. The course aims to refresh your knowledge on how to provide immediate attention to the victim of an illness or injury. This course will renew your skills to be able to cope until a medical professional is present, and ensure you still have the skills to be a first aider at work.

Accreditation – Highfield

Level – 3

Duration – 2 days

Validation – Highfield and Qualsafe certificates are valid for 3 years, however it is recommended by HSE that all appointed first aid personnel take a refresher course annually.

Entry requirements – delegates must possess a valid FAW or FAWR certificate in order to take this requalification course. Delegates must also have a good knowledge of written and spoken English.

Additional information –

Course objectives – by the end of the course, delegates will be able:

– assess and priorities a first aid incident

– deal with an unconscious casualty & carry out resuscitation (CPR)

– control bleeding, manage shock, injuries to bones, muscles and joints

– deal with a casualty suffering burns, scalds and manage eye injuries

– deal with casualties overcome by fumes or suffering from poisoning

– deal with a broad range of common injuries and illnesses until the arrival of medical care

– maintain first aid records, DSE and maintain first aid kits

– AED (Use of an AED, chain of survival, safety considerations)

Further developments / qualifications – under the current guidelines it is ‘strongly recommended’ that first-aiders undertake an annual refresher course and a full re-qualification by the 3 year of expiry.