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Fire Risk Assessment & Fire Safety Awareness

The Fire Risk Assessment & Awareness course is a classroom-based course which is designed to ensure employees are aware of the dangers of fire and the risks around the workplace and gain the knowledge to be able to complete a fire risk assessment that complies with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

The course is suitable for anyone in various industries that have responsibilities for the fire safety for an organisation, delegates which hold the titles of Fire Wardens, Fire Marshals, Health & Safety Representatives and Facilities Managers.

Accreditation – Akan Technical Training

Duration – 1/2 day

Validation – there is no expiry on the accident investigation certificate, however it is highly recommended you take a refresher every 2-3 years to keep up to date with any legislative and procedural changes.

Entry requirements – there are no formal entry requirements. However, the delegate is to be proficient in English.

Additional Information –

By the end of the course, delegates will:

– be more knowledgeable on fire safety legislation

– know to approach fire safety and understanding fire

– have a better understanding of the principles of a fire risk assessment

– know how to conduct a risk assessment & record the findings

– be more knowledgeable of the fire triangle and common sources of combustion and ignition

– Prevention and containment of a fire – escape routes and fire doors and how to find them

– understand fire extinguishers – an overview of the types of extinguishers and their appropriateness to different fires

– know what to do when you discover a fire – being aware of your corporate procedure when you find a fire

Further development / qualifications – when you complete this course, you may wish to further your knowledge of fire safety. We offer a Fire Warden training course which will certify you as an appointed fire safety person.