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DRHS (Directors Role For Health & Safety)

The Directors course looks to highlight the human, economic and financial implications of non-compliance of not working in line with health and safety legislation. The course will help you discover how to promote a positive health and safety culture within your organisation. The DRHS also covers topics such as legal and moral responsibilities, how to advance a company’s attitude towards health and safety in the workplace.

The course is intended for company directors. Even if you are not directly responsible for health & safety in your company, in your role as a company director you have joint responsibility with your fellow directors under Health and Safety legislation.

Accreditation – CITB

Duration – 1 day

Grant – you can claim up to £30 if you provide us with your CITB Levy number.

Validation – DRHS certificates are valid for 5 years, no refresher is available for this and you are required resit the course again to renew your certificate.

Entry requirements – no formal requirements for the DRHS, the delegate is to be proficient in English (written and oral).

Additional information –

Course objectives, by the end of the course the delegate will:

– understand how a director has the duty to work within health and safety legislation; even if they are not directly in a position which oversees the company’s health and safety.

– be aware of the need to analyse their own legal duties.

– be able to consider how their decisions in the boardroom impacts the health and safety of the company.

To complete the DRHS course, you must partake in the classroom discussions with the tutor and other delegates on the course. You must also pass the final multiple-choice exam.