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Let’s face it, accessing quality training provision within construction, civil engineering and utilities is often difficult to organise effectively, particularly if the organisation is spread over numerous sites. Let alone co-ordinating a wide scope of training requirements, from understanding sector specific technical complexities to scheduling courses that meet operational requirements.

Akan Training Centre Limited is now able to offer major clients the benefit of a managed service. This ensures that your training and assessment requirements are managed by the experienced and expert staff at Akan. The managed service ensures;

  • A bespoke training matrix to meet company requirements
  • Scheduling of training to meet operational needs
  • Optimisation of funding contributions towards the costs of training and assessments
  • Periodically, updating your training matrix to meet operational needs
  • Processing and administration of relevant cards and certificates
  • A quarterly report confirming throughput and status
  • A cost-effective solution to managing your training needs

Our managed service, will provide a central point for handling all of your training requirements, organising training schedules on a pre-planned or ad-hoc basis. For further details please contact us on

Email: info@akantraining.co.uk

Tel: 01204300900