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Cat & Genny Operator Training

The CAT & Genny course is designed to give operatives and supervisors greater knowledge of how to safely conduct cable avoidance operations. This course covers the requirements that you must meet when locating and avoiding underground utilities’ apparatus.

The course will cover the following topics – interpret plans showing location of underground apparatus, identifying types of underground apparatus encountered during an excavation, identifying risks of and implications of, damage to underground apparatus and use of pipe and cable location equipment.

Delegates attending the course must bring- Personal Protective Equipment (as required by your company’s health and safety policy). Akan requires the delegate to wear Safety Footwear, High Visibility Jacket, Safety Helmet as a minimum.

Accreditation – Akan Technical Training

Duration – 1/2 day

Validation – there is no expiry on the Cat &Genny certificate, however it is highly recommended you take a refresher every 2-3 years to keep up to date with any legislative and procedural changes.

Entry requirements – there are no formal entry requirements. However, the delegate is to be proficient in English.

Additional Information –

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

– safely use a cable detector/pipe detector

– identify and read Gas/Electricity/Water/Telecom service plans

– identify damaged and undamaged underground services using a ground penetrating radar

– have an understanding of utility services (guidelines)

– locate services using the CAT & Genny

– complete plans showing the services you have detected

– gain knowledge of the relevant PPE required

Further development / qualifications – other health and safety courses that will be relevant to your sector, please speak to a member of the Akan team who will be more than happy to help you out.